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Partnered with Morgan (UXR), we defined process, scope and executed a foundational piece of research for the product team: a customer journey map.

We started by interviewing 15 members, all “Christinas” (our primary persona, a picky dater who's hard to please) and shared moderator and notetaker roles.

Using Sketch, we collaborated on a giant affinity diagram, color coding each quote with a doing/thinking/feeling label. Of course, post-it notes work too. But in Sketch, it’s easier to go back to your work to keep yourself honest. I’ve started using Google slides because the collaboration tools are better.

The scope of the map (which I've learned is really important to define up front) is Christina's entire pre-dating journey on eharmony. It excludes what happens after she goes on her first date.

affinity diagram


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customer journey


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